The Code Goes On

When you have a full-time job and bills to pay, things easily get pushed aside. Coding is one of those things, unfortunately, but when you know you want coding to be your job, you quickly reassess your time and make room for it. Sure, it means your free time is now booked and you are looking at a computer screen twice as much now, but you can't ignore "it."

What is "it" you ask? Well, "it" is this itch you can't scratch; this magnetic pull towards something both frustrating and fantastic; this dream that you're building one line and one function at a time. "It" is this realization that no matter how busy you get and how tired you might become, you know that code is what excites you and is what you want to chase more than anything.

While the past few months have flown by with moving to another state, starting a new job, and "settling" in to all this, my desire to be a developer is still there. I've made time and will continue to make time to make sure I don't settle for just a job that I can do, but rather chase a job that I'll love.

If you are someone juggling work and learning to code, how do you make time for both without exhausting yourself?