My first project was a site I created from scratch using Treehouse, which helped me create a basic site with three pages.  Then, I took what I had learned with CSS and HTML5 and began changing the pages and the layout to fit a blog-style site.  

Working through some tracks on Codecademy, I was able to create several JavaScript-based projects. I've added the code for those projects to a GitHub repository, which you can check out here.

When I found Free Code Camp, there were even more opportunities to dig into JavaScript. One of the sections focused on some Algorithm Scripting challenges and I've included my code solutions here.

Another project I worked on was a one-page portfolio site that I created using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. You can see it on CodePen here or on GitHub here.

Since beginning work as a full-time web developer, I've primarily been doing projects for the customer-facing sites for our company. Often, I like to play around with the functionality locally or in CodePen when trying to get a new feature working. You can check out my CodePen profile here (both the Showcase and Forked tabs).