The Beginning of Something Awesome!

Note: This post was moved over from my previous site (built from scratch) and refers to that site. Here's a link to how that site looked.

Today, I begin my adventures into my first personal coding project! About 6 months ago, I began to dabble in this "stuff" I had heard about....Javascript...HTML5...CSS. I heard about the Hour of Code and tried that out and thought, "Hey, this seems fun! Let me learn a little more." So, I found Codecademy and finished my first course in HTML5 and I felt pretty comfortable with what I had learned. As I began to want a little more, I found out about Treehouse and decided to invest a little in my learning. And it was certainly worth it! I was like a kid in a candy store with all the possible courses that I could take. So, I decided to start in Mobile Development, which was pretty cool, though a little over my head. I realized I should look at the jobs that I wanted to eventually have and determine one course to focus on. Realizing that Mobile Development would make more sense once I had a handle on Web Design and Development, I chose to jump into Front End Web Development. The first step in the course was to develop a simple website and it was such an amazing experience. I learned a ton through that process....and there is a ton more to learn!

A friend who is also self-taught, and very successful at basically everything coding, suggested taking on a project to start extending what I know and what I can do. He suggested creating a blog to document what I'm doing as I learn to code, however, he also said that I should create the blog from scratch. Instead of just taking a pre-made Wordpress site, I'm taking what I created through Treehouse and am adjusting it to become a blog. So, I'm starting small and simple and I hope that you will see this transform over time. It isn't perfect right now and there are things to adjust and tweak as I go, but that is all part of the journey of becoming a developer. I hope you join me in the journey!