The Journey Continues...

Note: This post was moved over from my previous site (built from scratch) and refers to that site. Here's a link to how that site looked.

The funny thing about doing something new is that you have a window of time where the newness of it is awesome! You can just bask in how awesome this new thing is and that is all you have to think about. I realize now that in setting up a blog that is open for anyone to read, it quickly becomes "un-new" and I can't just let it sit and stay like it first was. Granted, I did just take a 9-day road trip with my hubby (and it was awesome!!!), but it is now time to get back in the coding track and pick up with this blog and take it to whatever the next step is. Currently, I am in the Front End Web Development Track on Treehouse and am going through the CSS Basics course. Today, I got my badge for the "Understanding Values and Units" section. Today, it clicked in my brain that some of the little nuggets of information that I am grabbing from my courses can be directly applied to my blog! Who'd have thought of that?! Sometimes, it can be silly how all this great stuff is in front of you and you don't think twice about the possibly ways to apply what you are learning. Before writing today's blog, there were a few changes I had to make to the blog, just so it's easier to look at and also because I think I need to start making it more ME! I feel like our teachers at Treehouse would want us to push our working knowledge and try and test and create, so that's what I did. Here's a quick list of what I changed:

  • Resized and centered the photo under my first blog post ( was way too big!)
  • Created a class for that photo and changed the border-radius property (still not sure if I like the squarish shape or not)
  • Added the line-height property to my body text because it was super squished
  • Did some color changes to all the text, links, headers, and border on the pages
  • Removed the "Read More" tag because I don't have a place for that to go yet, so it is unecessary and confusing

Some of the things I want to figure out how to do next are:

  • Add a section for comments and a way for me to moderate them
  • Create either an archives section for older blog posts or a way to shorten the amount of text shown in each post and then bring back the "Read More" link, so that a reader can click on the link to read the rest of the post

I hope to get that comments section up and running soon because I know there will be some great ideas and advice I can get from the Treehouse and coding commmunity! More to come!