So Many Resources!

I have realized that the more knowledge I gain on this coding journey only leads to a greater understanding of how much more knowledge is yet to be gained. I've definitely been overwhelmed this past week with all the possible paths and roads to take and the fact that there are so many resources causes me to get distracted...easily. So, to help myself stay on track and not feel like I will forget one of these resources, I've decided to list them and in no particular order. Hopefully, there will be one that is useful to you as well!

  • Codecademy: easy-to-use resource to get a jumpstart into coding in multiple languages - free to use
  • Treehouse: quality videos and courses in a variety of languages and full tracks that help you move towards your coding goal and career - paid membership
  • Free Code Camp: plunks you right into a community of those familiar and new to coding and provides you with reasonable challenges - more of a focus on JavaScript
  • Dash via General Assembly: free tutorials that teach you a lot in a short amount of time - other courses on GA require you to pay
  • Code School: provides more hands on coding experiences in a variety of langugages - most of the first courses are free, so you can determine if you like the format before paying
  • Code Combat: if you have familiarity with some of the real programming languages, you can jump into this world and test your knowledge through games that require mad coding skills - can be addicting
  • CodinGame : if you are more of a beginner and love games, this is a great way to expand your understanding of skill in a highly enjoyable way - a personal favorite
  • Jekyll: a way to have a blog without as much hassel - to be honest, I don't totally understand it completely, but it seems like a more streamlined process than what I'm doing currently
  • I had someone suggest looking into learning some C#, logic, and the basics of programming and I will just say for now that there are a TON of resources that are super free! However, for my own sanity at this point, I will not list them until I get a few other things done on my current coding path. C# is for another day and for a completly different path that I will look into eventually.